Why Gifts Are Important?

Gifts are among the most treasured and cherished gifts that you can give and receive. Giving gifts is an expression of love and respect for someone or something. Gifts are also a gesture of gratitude to those who are very close to our hearts. For instance, the present that you will give your best friend on her birthday will be more meaningful than a lavish gift that you would give to your boss. The gift you will give your daughter on a special occasion will make her feel like she has come home. In short, gifts convey our love, respect and gratefulness for something or someone else.

Gifts are also essential for survival. The need for certain types of gifts varies from culture to culture. In the west, one of the most popular occasions for giving gifts is Christmas, but this tradition is not widespread in the east, where the main tradition is the sending of gifts in the form of knitted woolen hats or dried fruits.

Gifts serve as an important component of social occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. However, apart from these, there are occasions and purposes for which gifts play a vital role. It can be said that gifts serve as a bridge between two parties and are therefore important to the success of any relationship.

In times of old people used to predict about the future through magical or almanacs and so forth. But times have changed and now, one of the major tasks that we face in our personal and professional life is to predict the future. This is because of the huge influence of science and technology. Therefore, it is our duty to use the tools and the gifts that are available in the western world to predict the future for all the people.

The main aim of the spiritually gifted persons, is to give spiritual gifts to others. These spiritual gifts include such skills like prophecy, divination, healing, dream interpretation, dream therapy, and so on. This is in fact a very important aspect of the work of the gifted people. For example, the gifted Romans had the job of predicting popes, and the Ephesians had the job of predicting the end of days.

In the modern era too, we have seen the rise of the concept of gift-giving. A business house usually organizes a special event, either a seminar or a workshop to gift its customers. In some cases, the business houses organize a series of charity events to increase the goodwill of their clients. This practice of gift-giving has become really popular nowadays, as everyone wants to receive gifts and wants to impress his/her loved ones with the present. In fact, most of the marriages are completed with a gift-giver’s special effort.

Moreover, the practice of gifting has been followed by the businessmen in England for centuries now. It has been observed that the businessmen give their employees promotional gifts to boost the morale of the latter and also to instill a sense of attachment between the two organizations. Promotional gifts may include various items like pens, cufflinks, wristwatches, t-shirts, jackets, hats, umbrellas, bags, and so on.

One more important factor which needs to be kept in mind, while gifting something is the tax benefits. Gifting is a tradition and an act of love, but it can be termed as an act of gift tax deduction if the gifts given are of a business nature. Business gifts are those that are not necessarily needed by the employee, but are only used for promoting the business of the organization. Therefore, all the promotional gifts should come under the ambit of business gifts, and if necessary, a tax deduction can be claimed by you.