Sesame Access

Sesame Access

Sesame Access is an accessibility company that was founded by Charlie Lyons. Its clients include the Bank of England and the Sydney Opera House, as also the Seattle Space Needle, Oxford, Cambridge Universities, Whitehall and the Qatar National Library. The company also provides services to private companies.

Invisible Lift

An invisible lift protects the architectural integrity of a building and does not interfere with its design. The SesameAccess Invisible Lift has been employed in an Grade II listed building in Manchester. Its sleek design preserves the architectural integrity of the building as well as providing the necessary access.

This accessible lift looks similar to the standard set of stairs, but it retracts to reveal a wheelchairlift beneath. SesameAccess also provides an accessible platform lift that can be put in close to existing stairs. The lift is similar to an elevator.

Innovative wheelchair lift technology

Sesame Access, a wheelchair lift company with more than 200 installations throughout the globe, is a pioneer in. Founded by Charlie Lyons, an experienced hydraulic engineer and his son Steven, Sesame has designed and manufactured wheelchair lift systems for various commercial and public buildings. stairlifts prices is integrated with the structure of buildings, making them accessible to people with a range of mobility issues.

Sesame Access’ wheelchairlifts are hidden beneath staircases and transform at the touch of a button. Sesame Access’ solutions were put in place at iconic locations such as the Sotheby’s Auction House in Paris and the tate Britain. In addition to these wheelchair lifts, Sesame Access has also developed innovative solutions to remove steps for older and physically disabled people, for instance stair lifts for those with limited mobility.

There are a variety of models of wheelchair lifts. There are three types of wheelchair lifts: incline platform, or retractable. Each is suitable for different types of spaces, and it is essential to select the one that’s best suited to your needs and your space. You can pick an bent or angled lift when you have an incredibly long staircase.