Ridge Wallet Alternatives and Why You Should Buy One

The Ridge wallet is a high-quality wallet with quality stainless steel screws that keep the wallet together. The wallet also features a wide rubber strap that doubles as a cash holder. It can hold up to 12 cards and five bills. It is available in several colors and comes in a beautiful gift box. However, some users have found the wallet to be difficult to remove when it is full of cards. Furthermore, Wyoming products can confirm that you can buy the best Ridge wallet alternatives online for a much cheaper price.

Aviator Slide

The Ridge wallet has increased in price significantly, from $65 for aluminum body to $125 for titanium and carbon fiber. When prices are hiked by ten percent, dozens of manufacturers immediately reacted by creating similar wallets. While knock-offs are not exact replicas, they are similar in design and materials. If you’re on a budget, you may want to check out one of the more affordable options available.

An excellent Ridge wallet alternative, the Aviator Slide offers durable materials and a functional wallet. The brand spent two years developing prototypes before launching its Kickstarter campaign. Prices start at EUR65 for the basic version and go up to EUR105 for themed models. The Aviator Slide is also available with RFID protection and a coin tray.


If you’re looking for a quality wallet, the Ridge Wallet is a great choice. Made of a hard-coated, durable material, it protects your cards and keeps them safe from scuffs and scratches. The wallet has enough room to store up to 12 cards and five bills. It also comes in a variety of colors and comes with a stylish gift box. However, it can be difficult to remove all your cards when it is full.

Another alternative to the Ridge wallet is the Hayvenhurst wallet. This wallet is incredibly slim and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry. However, it lacks the hefty feel of the Ridge. Compared to the other wallets, this one is easier to open and close. The screws in this wallet are not as easy to open and close, so you should make sure you use a Phillip screw head driver when installing them. In addition to this, the wallet is sewn, rather than glued. The Hayvenhurst wallet doesn’t have a website, but it does sell an Ekster Senate carbon fiber knock-off.

Shevrov SV

If you are looking for a new wallet, there are a few options out there to consider. The first is the Ridge wallet. This product is a good choice if you are looking for a sleek wallet that won’t break the bank. It is made of ultra-lightweight aluminum and has a carbon fiber design. It has space for 12 cards and nine bills, and it also has an anti-scratch interior. It costs about $23 and is available exclusively on Amazon.

Another option is the Ridge Select. This wallet is minimal in design but very durable, made from T6 aluminum. It holds up to 12 cards and is equipped with an RFID-blocking feature. This wallet comes with RFID protection as well as a key holder.

Fantom carbon fiber

If you want a wallet made of ultra-high-grade carbon fiber but are not quite ready to invest in a Ridge wallet, consider a Fantom carbon fiber wallet. These wallets are durable, stylish and can hold four to thirteen cards. Despite the lack of RFID protection, they are great alternatives to the Ridge wallet. These wallets also feature durable money clips.

These wallets are made in China, so they are relatively expensive, especially if you consider that they are made in China. In addition to their low-cost manufacturing, they also tend to attract more dust and marks than wallets made from other materials. They are only available through their official website, and they are covered by a 45-day warranty.


While the Dango Ridge wallet is a top minimalist wallet, the competition has stepped up their game with affordable options that are just as durable. The competition has also stayed true to the Ridge’s mission of blending high quality materials with a minimalist presentation, and the affordable price tag has led to some quality wallets taking over some of the Ridge’s market share. For example, the T01 Wallet by Dango offers a slim minimalist presentation without sacrificing any of the traditional elements of a wallet.

The Dango A10 Adapt Wallet is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and features a leather lining on the front. The wallet is also RFID-protected and is available in seven different colors. The A10 also has a vertical cavity that holds up to four cards. It also features a silicone band for your money and comes with a removable aluminum RFID plate.