Non-Tax Benefits of Being a Thailand BOI Company

Non-Tax Benefits of Being a Thailand BOI Company

Being a Thailand BOI company comes with a variety of advantages. BOI thailand benefits include tax benefits, while others are not tax. The following information explains non-tax benefits of becoming an Thailand BOI company. It also explains the minimum capital investment requirement for the registration of a Thailand BOI company and how to obtain an BOI promotion certificate.

Benefits of being a Thailand BOI Company:

Your business could benefit from being a BOI company with its headquarters in Thailand in many ways. One is that you can bring in foreign experts and foreign workers to Thailand to work on your projects. Additionally, you will be able to get visas for spouses and children in one day if you’re a BOI company.

It’s not an easy task to run a BOI company in this. There are numerous rules and regulations you must follow. First, you must register with the Department of Business Development and BOI. You will also need to submit various business documents. Thirdly, you’ll have to visit BOI headquarters on a regular basis.

Minimum capital investment required

Investment capital is the sum of money that is invested into a company by the owner and other shareholders. For BOI companies, investment capital may be in the form of cash, physical assets or a mix of both. The capital can be used to buy equipment, construct premises or to pay employees. The total value of investment cannot exceed 2 billion THB.

A minimum capital investment of THB 1,000,000 (USD 30,000) is required to qualify for a Thailand BOI. The company must have three shareholders who are registered and be registered in Thailand. It must also meet BOI criteria. Eligible industries include manufacturing agricultural, digital exploration, mineral exploration and development of technology.

Cost to apply for a Thailand BOI business

The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is an organisation which encourages foreign-owned companies to establish operations in the country. Its purpose is to attract foreign investment to Thailand and grow the economy. It offers many incentives to foreign investors, including incentives for investments, tax breaks and the chance to bring skilled professionals or experts into the country. A non-immigrant visa ‘B’ is necessary for those looking to start an establishment in Thailand.

If you are interested in forming a company in Thailand it is necessary to invest a minimum of one million Thai Baht in the company’s capital. Other requirements include hiring staff and purchasing machinery. To aid you through the process, employ a lawyer.

Obtained a BOI promotion Certificate

Establishing an BOI company in Thailand offers many advantages. One of the most important is that a BOI company can be eligible for special incentives. These incentives include the ability to be completely foreign owned and less stringent requirements for hiring foreign employees. These incentives are beneficial for foreign companies who want to establish an office in Thailand.

Obtaining an BOI promotion certificate is a matter of having to meet a number of requirements. First, applicants must form a limited-company with at least three shareholders and a director. They must also transfer funds from abroad, typically at least 25% of the capital. They must also specify the name of the investor as well as the name of the company. They can also seek expert assistance when applying for an official business visa, if required.